A Red Herring

A “red herring” is an idiom used to refer to something that distracts or diverts one’s attention. The origin of the phrase dates to the 1800s when a stinky old kipper was used to divert hunting hounds in order to spare the hare.

We think our cottage and Grand Manan Island is the perfect diversion, an ideal “red herring” from everyday realities.

Our red herring pays homage to the island’s rich history and once legendary smoked herring industry. In 1884, Grand Manan Island was the largest supplier of smoked herring in the world. By 1920 it produced a staggering one million boxes — or twenty thousand tons — of smoked herring.

Today, all that remains of this colourful slice of history are the antiquated smoke sheds —an inspiring sight for curiosity seekers, photographers, painters and storytellers.